Retisonic – Return to Me (LP) (2004)

This was Retisonic’s first LP, recorded with Ian Love of Cardia and Rival Schools fame for Silverthree. Written and and rehearsed as a trio and recorded in studio and rehearsal spaces. Below are a few reviews from that time…

Detailed item info

Track listing
1. Give Up
2. Return to Me
3. Externalized
4. K-16
5. Let Me Be
6. Saturday
7. I Don’t Drink (With Co-Workers)
8. Addicted to the Sound
9. Absolutely You
10. Chemical Dumb Machine
11. Why Don’t You Write
12. [Untitled Hidden Track] – (hidden track)

Producer: Ian Love, Retisonic
Distributor: Redeye Music Distribution
Recording type: Studio
Recording mode: Stereo
SPAR Code: n/a

Album notes
Retisonic: Jason Farrell (vocals, guitar); Jim Kimball (bass); Joe Gorelick (drums, background vocals).
Personnel: Jason Farrell (vocals, guitar); Joe Gorelick (drums, background vocals).
Photographers: Amy V. Cooper; Justin Borucki; Jason Farrell.


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