Retisonic – Levittown (EP) (2006)

Released on Ascetic back in 2006.
“… Blending ridiculous punk chaos with sublime pop melodicism to create a guitar form that is both thunderously powerful and craftily hooky…Retisonic’s unbeatable combination of shimmering pop and shuddering punk makes an irresistible and potent sonic cocktail.” – AMPLIFIER

Retisonic share a diverse set of influences (The Damned, Cheap Trick, Queens of the Stone Age, Gary Numan, The Police, Minor Threat) and write songs that keep up the intensity of their previous bands with an added emphasis on melody and harmony. The NYC trio kicked off their existence with a headlining tour of Europe in 2002, and though the strength of their previous bands (Bluetip, Swiz, Garden Variety, J Majesty) certainly helped open the door for such a feat, their debut EP Lean Beat (produced by J. Robbins) took it off its hinges: NME, Alternative Press and Rocksound each gave it 8/10 stars while Kerrang offered 5/5, calling it “a classic.” Retisonic have spent 2005 writing and recording their best material to date: 18 new songs showcasing their angular take on punk, rock, melody, harmony, aggression, beauty, frustration and love. The Levittown EP will give the world its first glimpse of their efforts. With several 16mm film projects in the works, 2006 will prove to be the defining year for Retisonic.

Detailed item info

Album Features
UPC: 711574591022
Artist: Retisonic
Format: CD
Release Year: 2006
Record Label: Ascetic Records
Genre: Rock & Pop

Track Listing
1. Curses
2. In a Mean Town
3. Levittown
4. Stitch It up (Let It Go)
5. Sweet Mess
6. Novacane (Sic)

Playing Time: 17 min.
Producer: Jason Farrell
Distributor: NAIL Distribution
Recording Type: Studio
Recording Mode: Stereo
SPAR Code: n/a

Album Notes
Retisonic: Jason Farrell (guitar); Jim Kimball (bass guitar); Joe Gorelick (background vocals).



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