Hi everyone,

Welcome back. We are not dead. We never died actually, we simply went for a long, well deserved, bi-coastal break. Now, thanks to you and some kind, very tasteful hipsters at Arctic Rodeo Recordings, we’re gonna release a brand spanking new record this coming year entitled “Robots Fucking”. True, the title is a tad blue, true, we are all a few years older and grayer, true the music industry was both kind and cruel to Retisonic, but we are way more than a little proud that this stuff is being released (finally). “Robots Fucking”, like it’s predecessor “Return To Me” was recorded in cramped rehearsal rooms, NYC apartments, LA homes and where we could find a few minutes of quiet. Jason shot a few videos (with and without the full band) long before the record even had a home and some of those videos are on this site.

We hope you like it and look forward to once again playing live.

Retisonic HQ